Behavior Analytics + Response

Learning platform enables rapid and automated response. Remediate threats with the swipe of your hand. Leverage the APIs and power of existing infrastructure.

IR Meets VR

3D hand gesture controls accelerate response while significantly reducing OpEx costs of managing and responding to incidents. In Oculus VR or with Leap Motion on your desktop.

Behavior of Things

The cloud, the endpoints, and the users all at your fingertips. Insights engine finds anomalies and automates response as it learns from you and adapts to your environment.

Identity Awareness

At-a-glance visibility shows you who is affected by an incident and guides appropriate response actions. Immediate visibility into users by name, role, and group.

Pioneering The Convergence Between UEBA, SIEM, and Orchestration

Landrian Virtual Responder is unqiuely able to provide simple visibility with control. Working with your existing analytics infrastructure or stand alone, Landrian Virtual Responder supercharges capability while significantly reducing operating expenses.

Insight into the Behavior of Things

Landrian's growing list of cloud service connectors means never having to let your data out of sight. Increase visibility and improve confidence in your expanding cloud services footprint with Landrian.

Landrian for Box

Track and validate all Enterprise Box activity per-user

Landrian for Office365

Visualize and search activity across Office cloud services

Landrian for AWS

CloudTrail visibility per-user for forensic and usage based analysis

Landrian for Splunk

Contextual visualization of data related to all internal user activity

Landrian for Azure

Combine Azure Access & Identity information with your internal view

Landrian for APIs

Customizable APIs to bring any user defined data into Landrian visualizations

Landrian's New Approach

Orchestration Made Simple

It's no secret that operations centers today are overwhelmed by an increasing volume of event data. At the same time, however, there are more potentially automated technologies in the network and environment than ever. Most major hardware and software vendors in the enterprise are providing very complete APIs today. Landrian solutions take advantage of the built in potential of your existing investments or can stand alone in order to give SOC analysts the ability to scale their expertise while enabling SOC managers to significantly reduce operational expenses. Landrian is able to show real-time incident data in an intuitive way, organized by user, which does not require a domain expert to evaluate. Our learning platform makes response recommendations, observes response actions, and automates future actions over time. With this unique approach to individualized response learning Landrian provides the groundwork on which intelligent SOC automation is built.

Landrian For Security Operations

Landrian is an entirely new way of visualizing user activity in the NOC and SOC. Leverage your existing data sources while empowering your analysts to think outside the SIEM. Landrian is a hosted cloud based visibility and automation solution for Security and Network Operation Centers. Flexible data connectors accept feeds from a variety of cloud based data sources including Box and Azure. Through a flexible API Landrian is able to accept data for correlation, visualization, response, and other capabilities from any number of sources. The Landrian recommendation engine provides event context, industry best practice recommendations, and increasingly adapts to your environment over time. By significantly improving the ability for InfoSec organizations to communicate with each other and the enterprise at large powerful orchestration can be managed and deployed intuitively. As the platform learns and tailors itself for your environment Landrian is able to automate progressively more SOC and incident response functions.

Are you upgrading or building out a new Network or Security Operations Center?

Products and Services

Cloud Service Intelligence

Integrate with Box and other cloud service providers for full visibility into total threat exposure with response orchestration built-in. As your analysts create incidents, remediate issues, and provision the cloud Landrian is learning to serve you better.

SIEM & UEBA as a Service

User Behavior Analytics fully interactive and gesture controlled in 3D so that you can see when things go wrong as well as when everything is okay. Even non-domain experts can see at-a-glance the total security posture of the organization. With a swipe of your hand you can initiate response orchestration.

Simple Visibility and Control

Landrian Virtual Responder provides simple visibility and control to the SOC. LVR organizes event information by user identity so escalation is fast and efficient with greater accuracy. When response is needed we integrate those options directly into the same platform with automated orchestration.

SOC Readiness Assessments

Consulting Engagements to Cover SOC/NOC Workflow Simulation and Testing, Response Readiness, Incident Response, and more.

3rd Party Integration Services

Landrian is readily able to work with most any platform that provides an API. If you have a platform with a proprietary or custom API or need to automate legacy technologies Landrian can help.

Managed Security Services

Multi-tenant architecture and interfaces to power MSSP portals and other 3rd party hosted offerings. Automate your managed SOC while offering unparalleled insight into security operations for your customers.

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